The Congress is dedicated to fostering social responsibility by undertaking and supporting actions and initiatives that align with our identity and commitment to society and its people. Attendees will actively participate in various activities, deriving satisfaction from contributing to society and fellow human beings.


The Congress advocates and champions the values of sustainability for society and its people. It implements a multitude of measures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of the event. From the initial event planning to execution, and from the moment you begin considering your travel arrangements until your return from the conference, this congress is committed to instigating sustainable solutions, serving as an inspiration, and elevating both learning and awareness. The objective is to ensure that the positive impacts significantly outweigh the negative ones.

Key sustainability measures include:

  • Selecting local suppliers to minimize long-distance transportation of goods and personnel
  • Minimizing printing and striving for a nearly paperless office environment
  • Providing contactless check-in for delegates and congress visitors
  • Reducing energy consumption through the use of LED lighting and screens
  • Limiting the number and variety of amenities
  • Choosing catering partners with compost food and waste programs
  • Selecting seasonal and regional food for catering
  • Encouraging delegates to walk to and from meeting sessions and promoting the use of public transportation